Success Stories


Wish your pup would let you dress him up? Live vicariously through Gus's #WoofWednesdays Adoption Success Story!  read more >


There was something in a box behind Napa Auto Parts... and they weren't spare brake pads. Read Bayou's Adoption Success Story now!   read more >


Each year, hundreds of dogs whose "time is up" at partner shelters get a last chance at life when they transfer to HSTT. Joie was one of those dogs, and her mom Erin saw first hand the desperation of her situation. Read Joie's Adoption Success Story here read more >


If Kirra is a pot of gold, her rotating wardrobe of kerchiefs is the rainbow.  Check out her style and read her Adoption Success Story here read more >


Sometimes you just get a feeling about a dog. Brenda had that feeling when she saw Chai's photo, and she knew that fate would take its course. Read Chai's Adoption Success Story here read more >


Tahoe dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Sparky's at the smaller end of that spectrum, and loving every minute of it. Read his Adoption Success Story here: read more >


Hoping to shed some of that winter weight? Turn to Amelia for some inspiration. Read about the new pep in her step here: read more >


You can take the dog out of Tahoe, but you can't take Tahoe out of the dog! Read about Odin's cross-country move to New York City here. read more >


Ready for another dose of happily furrever after? Read Cooper's Adoption Success Story: read more >


Do you believe in fur-mates? Chuck and his furever mom do. Read his adoption success story here: read more >


Someone decided that Leana (formerly Angel) was worthless and attempted to end her life. But that wasn’t the end of her story. It was, in fact, just the beginning.  Read Leana’s Adoption Success Story now: read more >


Some dogs are just naturals in front of the camera. Check out Finn's (formerly Pepperoni) Adoption Success Story and her "portfolio" here. read more >


Gus (formerly known as Hemi) certainly made himself comfortable around the house with his furrever family. His parents are loving it. read more >


If you're currently a one-dog household, you might consider adding to the pack when you see Rudy's adoption success story. Rudy enjoys endless adventure and leisure time with his sister Ariel in this beautiful backdrop that we call home. read more >


This is what devotion looks like. Ruby (formerly known as Java) clearly pledges her loyalty to her forever family. Read Ruby's adoption success story, our latest #WoofWednesdays to share with you. read more >


It was hard to miss seeing Henry's face the first week of January 2017, whether on Facebook or a flyer around town. Happily, this HSTT alum found his way home after a harrowing five days on the lam. Read about the success of his adoption and his reunion now. read more >


Sona defies many myths about small dogs. Read about her unlikely friendship! read more >


We're back with another #MeowMondays! Read about Sarge's (formerly known as Kaylo) adoption success story, and the lavish life he now leads. read more >


Remember the mystery of the lingering Scooby Doo puppies? Well Shaggy (now Loki) really cracked the case with his new forever family! Check out Loki's Adoption Success Story here: read more >


Dogs aren't the only HSTT alums finding their forever homes! #MeowMondays will highlight Adoption Success Stories from some of our favorite felines, like Felicia (formerly known as Shirley). read more >


Nash (fka Scooby) is one of many HSTT Alums living the good life in Tahoe. Read his adoption success story now! read more >


Bruno (fka Meatball) is one of our HSTT Alums that is just too cute to keep to ourselves. Read his adoption success story now! read more >

Digby & Coco

In March of this year we said goodby to one of our alums, Digby. One would never be able to tell this boy was 18 years old because his energy never seemed to end. From endless games of fetch, long walks, and days swimming at the lake Digby couldn't be stopped. In 2011, Digby was surrendered to HSTT when his owner’s health took an unfortunate turn... read more >