Success Stories


It’s hard to believe that Fozzy, a dog we suspect is around fifteen years old, could end up in a shelter with no one looking for him. Unlike most elderly pets that spend their golden years snuggling, eating and napping, Fozzy found himself in an unfamiliar place full of unfamiliar sounds, smells and people. Unfortunately for Fozzy, and many older pets that end up in overcrowded shelters, euthanasia is a very real threat as they are considered less adoptable than their younger counterparts.

The reasons older dogs end up in shelters is varied. In Fozzy’s case, he was found as a stray with a microchip. His owners were left messages but no one ever came to reclaim this little dog. That’s how Fozzy ended up in a shelter in Northern NV, facing euthanasia for no other reason than his age, lack of shelter resources and space.

Because we offer state-of-the-art medical care with our in-house medical treatment room and our facility, along with foster homes for special cases, affords us the luxury of space, we knew we could provide the care Fozzy needed and the time it would take to find him a home.

And find a home he did! Fozzy was adopted by a couple of Yorkie-lovers who were looking to rescue an older Yorkie. Fozzy has a new little brother named James, has already visited the beach and spent Thanksgiving with his new family.

Fozzy is one of the lucky older pets. He was given a second chance to live out the rest of his life being loved and cared for in a home.


Kitty, kitty, kitty... We can't say enough about Kitty's personality. She is a truly unique cat that made an impact on everyone here at the shelter. Kitty was relinquished and heartbroken about it. She tried to stay strong but was really quite sad from missing her family and not having a home.

Like a lot of cats, Kitty's depression resulted in deteriorating health. She stopped eating and was diagnosed with fatty liver disease and her survival was touch-and-go. You see, cats can deteriorate very quickly.

Luckily for kitty, we were dedicated to saving her life and funds from Lil BUB's Big Fund for the ASPCA were available to pay for her medical care. A feeding tube was necessary to get her the nutrition she needed to survive her bout of liver disease. After a month of feedings, tons of love and attention from out back office staff, where she had been moved, Kitty came back to life. And then the best day of Kitty's life happened! A nice lady that had recently lost her beloved Calico came in to meet Kitty. After just a few minutes, the potential adopter said, "I'll take her." Now Kitty is loving life and her new person showers her with love, even painting pictures of her. Yea for kitty!


In early June, the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe received an urgent call for help from a shelter in West Sacramento. A stray chihuahua mix was found wondering the streets and was brought to their facility. The poor dog had a very bad limp that the shelter suspected was cause by being hit by a car and she was slated for euthanasia. The Sacramento shelter had no choice due to financial restrictions and lack of shelter space so they were reaching out to other shelters to save her life.

Knowing this dog was only three and we had the funds from Lil BUB's Big Fund for the ASPCA on hand to help her, we decided to bring her into our facility. After a consultation with a local vet and x-rays (we don't have the ability to do x-rays in-house) came back showing the dog's pelvis was broken, we knew we could find a foster to help her heal and surgery was not necessary.

This sweet little dog was named Mathilda and would not be here today if it weren't for Lil BUB's Big Fund. Simply having grant funds available allowed us to say "yes" to mending and rehabilitating this lost little dog despite not having a concrete diagnosis. We were able to help in a situation that lots of other shelters wouldn't be able to because of your generous grant and now Mathilda is living out the rest of her life, comfortably, in a loving home.


Toby came to us as a wobbly puppy. He couldn't easily stand, nor could he sit or eat without a great deal of effort and concentration. After observing his challenges, Toby was taken to a specialist to diagnose his balance issues. Toby was diagnosed with a neurological disorder, cerebellar hypoplasia, which affects his balance and coordination. Because this wobbly little puppy was full of life, eager to please and sweet as pie, we knew he could be rehabilitated to the point where he would have good quality of life.

With the help of a canine physical therapist and the work of our dedicated volunteers, Toby is now able to stand and sit without falling over and can walk with much more stability. Toby's increased balance and stamina made him much more adoptable and a lovely family took him home. Now Toby has a whole family dedicated to helping him increase his strength, balance and stamina. They even plan to take him kayaking with them. Wow, what a transformation from wobbly little puppy to kayaking dog!