Huckleberry's story - I'm adopted!

You’d never know it once you meet him, but Huck’s backstory is a sad and lonely one.  You see he spent the last 3 years of his life chained to a tree in an onion field in Stockton CA.  No one is really sure how he got there and good Samaritans would stop out and feed him from time to time,  but he essentially was left to fend for himself against the elements and possible harm from other animals.  I am sure he spent a lot of his time daydreaming about a more comfortable life and yearning for the companionship of people.  His lucky day came when the good Samaritans decided to bring him to HSTT in hopes for a brighter future.  We were so excited and happy to welcome him here and after getting to know him, these are a few things we can tell you about him:  his smiles are contagious, his happiness is infectious and the amount of love he has to give is endless!  His resilient nature and positive attitude never let the bad times get the best of him.  We think his dreams are about to come true and we definitely know he deserves it!  All Huck wants to know is...are you the forever home he has been dreaming of?
Huck is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. His adoption fee is $100 and the love and devotion he will return is priceless!

Outgoing, Playful & Goofy
76 lbs
7 years