Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe?

The Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe (HSTT) is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of pets through adoptions, community spay/neuter services and humane education programs.

How do I contact the Humane Society?

Our shelter is located at 10961 Stevens Lane, Truckee, CA 96161. We are open Monday-Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm.
Phone (530) 587-5948
Fax (530) 582-1103
Website: www.hstt.org

Personnel contact information:

Stephanie Nistler, Chief Executive Officer. (530) 582-2462, steph@hstt.org
Emily Holmes, Animal Programs Director. (530) 582-2485, emily@hstt.org
Erin Ellis, Community Engagement Director. (530) 582-2472, erin@hstt.org
Dale Lawrence, Development Director. (530) 582-2468, dale@hstt.org
Kara Carstensen, Outreach Programs Manager. (530) 582-2463, kara@hstt.org
Adoption Specialists (530) 587-5948, adoptions@hstt.org

What animals are accepted into their program? And how does a person relinquish an animal to HSTT?

HSTT accepts 100% of the homeless dogs and cats (and occasionally small domestic animals such as rabbits, hamsters, rats, etc.,) from the Town of Truckee and Eastern Placer County. 

All stray and owner surrendered animals must first be turned in to the Town of Truckee (whom HSTT shares a facility with). After their state mandated holding period, ownership will be transferred to HSTT, with the exception of animals who are deemed too dangerous to be adopted.

For more information about animal relinquishment, please call us at 587-5948 or Town of Truckee Animal Services at 582-2484.

We do not take animals that are illegal to own in the State of California such as ferrets and gerbils.

Where do HSTT’s animals come from?

We are committed to rescuing 100% of the adoptable homeless pets that are received by Truckee Animal Services. Their jurisdiction is currently the incorporated portion of Truckee (approximately 36 square miles). Additionally, we receive the homeless dogs and cats brought to us by Eastern Placer County Animal Services and Sierra County.

HSTT is also committed to rescuing animals from other overcrowded shelters whenever possible.

Does the Humane Society of Truckee Tahoe work with live wildlife?

No. All live wildlife must be handled through a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. In Truckee and on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe please call The Wildlife Shelter at 546-1211. In the South Lake Tahoe region please call Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care at 577-2273. Both groups have trained volunteers on call around the clock.

What is HSTT’s Adoption Policy?

We match adopter’s capabilities (physical, emotional and financial) so much as is practical, with the adoptable animals’ needs via:
Application process
Personal interview
Contractual commitment
Welfare follow-up

Prior to adoption, we reveal to potential adopters any health or behavioral factors of adoptive animals of which we have knowledge.

Prior to adoption, each animal will be sterilized, fully vaccinated, tested for serious diseases such as FELV and heartworm. They are also microchipped.

HSTT maintains an open door for the return of its animals if their adopter is unable to keep them under any circumstances without prejudice.

What medical services are provided?

It is our policy and practice to spay or neuter prior to release of adoptive animals. This ensures that HSTT does not in any way contribute to the cruelty of pet overpopulation.

Prior to adoption, HSTT restores health of all animals as is practical and financially feasible, to assure as much as possible a healthful remaining life.  HSTT tests for major communicable diseases, tests for and treats parasite infestation, and provides a current vaccination history.

HSTT commits to placing all healthy, adoptable animals into loving homes.  What constitutes healthy/adoptable?

All potentially adoptable dogs and cats within the jurisdiction of Town of Truckee Animal Services are accepted and adopted by HSTT.  Within this context, HSTT adheres to a written euthanasia policy that provides for euthanasia of animals with incurable pain/illness/injuries or lethal disease communicability; as well as animals deemed unsuitable for human companionship related to behavioral problems that have been specifically documented and evaluated.

What stance does HSTT take on Pit Bull type dogs?

We believe that every dog should be judged by the content of their character, not by the way they look. While there is no clear definition of what a pit-bull is, they are typically assigned this title in society and in shelters if they have features we have all come to expect with the “breed”, specifically a blocky head.

We know that there are many myths and misperceptions of the breed, i.e., locking jaws, ferocious killers, etc, so we work very hard to educate people and increase their awareness of the breed.

We will always work with pit bull type dogs as we receive so many that are wonderful ambassadors for the breed. The better we do at putting excellent, well mannered pit bull type dogs out into the community, the better chance we have of changing their reputation and helping them get the respect and love they deserve.

How does HSTT feel about Pit Bull bans in certain cities, otherwise known as Breed Specific Legislation?

We believe that discrimination in any form is wrong. Again, we think every dog should be judged by the content of their character, not by the way they look.

How is the Humane Society funded and how does someone give a donation?

Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe is funded through private donations, grants, special events and program fees.  Donations can be made by checks, cash or credit card. Credit card donations can be made by contacting our main office or through Paypal on the HSTT website.

HSTT is not affiliated with any other humane society including the Humane Society of the United States. We also do not receive any direct state or government funding.

What is the Humane Society’s relationship with Truckee’s Animal Services Department?

We have an extremely strong partnership with the Town of Truckee, which has allowed us to construct and operate a public/private animal shelter. We work closely together on all decisions that impact the facility.

What is the Humane Society’s function?

The primary function of the HSTT is to find appropriate, loving homes for all adoptable homeless animals in our community and in outlying communities served by Truckee Animal Services and Eastern Placer County.  Additionally, we provide a low-cost spay and neuter program which allows all members of our community who otherwise cannot afford it, to have their pets sterilized. We also provide community education on the humane treatment of animals and act as a resource for the residents of Truckee and North Tahoe.

What is the role of volunteers in the organization?

HSTT relies heavily on volunteers to assist with the operations of our many programs including dog and cat socialization, special events, pet assisted therapy, humane education and fundraising.

What community services does the Humane Society offer?

HSTT is committed to being an active and responsible member of our community.  To support this commitment, we have many programs that provide community education, outreach, and support.

1. Community Spay/ Neuter Program:
HSTT in conjunction with Truckee Animal Services offers low-cost  and FREE spay/neuter programs to qualifying members of the community.

2. Pre-Adoption Animal Behavior Testing and Socialization:
All dogs received by HSTT are evaluated using a standard behavior analysis test.  This testing process is one of several tools used in determining the adoptability of the animal.  The results also help us to determine an appropriate behavior modification and/or training program to make the dog more adoptable.

3. Humane Education
HSTT participates in educational events at the local schools and provides other education opportunities whenever possible including,
a. R.U.F.F.-Read Up For Fun
b. Summer Edventure Camps

4. Pet Assisted Therapy
The Pet Assisted Therapy program has several trained and certified dogs who, with their owners, visit patients at the local hospital and extended care facility on a consistent basis.

5. The Pet Pantry
We provide free pet food to help families in need in our community.

The Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe's Live Release Rate is over 99%. Please click HERE to see Shelter Animals Count data for 2018.