Velvet's story - I'm adopted!

Velvet greets you in the morning with a strong demanding meow that doesn’t seem to match her delicate frame.  She’s basically like your grandma, the first time she hollers at you, you might think you’re in trouble, but then you realize that she just can’t hear herself talking.  She’s just saying good morning and asking for pets.  This pretty, mellow lady came in to us with matted fur all over.  When the mats were shaved off, her short fur was as soft as velvet, and it’s now growing back into a full, beautiful coat.  Grandma Velvet loves nothing more than cuddling up in your lap for a quick snooze. She is microchipped, spayed and current on vaccinations.
Her adoption fee is sponsored by Kalifornia Jean Bar!

Affectionate, Mellow & Sweet
8 lbs
8 Years Old