Kitty's story

Kitty is applying for the position as your Home Office Assistant.  He has extensive experience and excellent references from his current position in HSTT back offices.  He’s very dedicated to his seat-warming responsibilities, and his lap-warming skills are unsurpassed.  You can rely on him to explore every inch of the facility to find the best vantage point to supervise your daily routine.  When you’re ready for a little break from your work, he’ll already be prepared with a toy to bat around with you. He has a pretty adorable quirk, though sometimes it doesn't help our work productivity... He likes to be held close and nuzzle at the nape of your neck. Doesn't this seem like the kind of distraction you could use in your home office? Kitty has previously lived with a dog, and has asked Santa for a laser pointer this year.  He's rumored to be an excellent hunter.  He is microchipped, neutered and current on vaccinations.

His adoption fee is $75.

Mellow, Goofy & Outgoing
14 lbs
5 1/2 Years Old