George & Jeremy

George & Jeremy's story

George & Jeremy have one very important question to ask you...

Are you feline the connection between you, George and Jeremy?!

All bad cat jokes aside, the boys are by far one of the greatest catches of the year. At 13 years old they've had plenty of time to purrfect their smooth talking ways and witty pick up lines. The chivalry doesn't end there. They also are very keen on litter box manners, keeping their toys tidy and respecting personal space.

*The boys are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. 

They are microchipped, neutured and current on vaccinations. 

Please email or call (530) 587-5948 to schedule the dreamiest date of a lifetime.

Mellow, Sensitive & Affectionate
15 lbs
13 Years Old
Special needs:
Jeremy has been diagnosed with kidney disease and pancreatitis