Clover & Turnip

Clover & Turnip's story - I'm adopted!

Sisters Clover and Turnip are curious, outgoing rabbits.  They are quick to come out of their cages, and love to explore their surroundings top to bottom, inside and out.  They'll allow a pet here and there, but don't seem to be the cuddly types.  Clover and Turnip have had some sibling rivalry in the past, caused by the stress of their prior home environment, which they seem to have mostly worked out.  They could be adopted separately or together, but would probably not like to have any other rabbit friends at home.  They are both spayed and  microchipped.  

Their adoption fee is $20 individually, or take them both and like magic, the fee disappears!

Gentle & Outgoing
approximately 10 lbs
1 yr