Roxy's story

Meet Roxy. Roxy is a well-behaved dog who has received some great training during her time here at HSTT. Roxy is a volunteer favorite because she waits patiently while being harnessed for a walk despite the fact that she LOVES going on adventures. She has been trained to sit and stay before leaving her room, to pause at doorways and wait for her volunteer trainer to go through the door first. She also knows “go to bed”, “down”, “shake”, “crawl” and how to wait for the “okay” before starting to eat. She's becoming the perfect dog for someone who also loves adventure walks.

Roxy will thrive as a solo pet with a person who understands her. You see, while Roxy is crazy about people, she doesn’t readily befriend other four-legged creatures.  Whomever adopts her will need to be very attentive to that when she meets other animals. Roxy makes up for her lack of manners when it comes other pets with her amazing ability to connect with people, her willingness to learn and her need to please people. She really has a lot of love to give. She just needs the right person to spend her life with.

Roxy is spayed, current on vaccines and microchipped. Her adoption fee has been sponsored, making it even easier to find a companion like her!


Athletic, Independent & Energetic
50 lbs
3 years
Needs a home without: