Ziva's story

Ziva is a true beauty with personality to spare.  Though this beautiful Bengal came to us stressed out, underweight and with matted fur, she’s made a strong recovery.  She’s playful and very curious, and wants to explore every cardboard box, cabinet and cranny she can find.  She'll greet you at the door when you come home and supervise whatever you're working on around the house.  She loves going exploring outside and tolerates a harness and leash to be able to do it.  She takes medicine for inflammation of her digestive tract, but doesn't let that slow her down at all.  Ziva is microchipped, spayed and current on vaccinations.  She is currently in foster, so please speak to an adoption specialist if you are interested in meeting her.
Her adoption fee is $75.

Outgoing & Playful
8 lbs
8 Years Old
Special needs:
Ziva has colitis (inflammation of the digestive tract). She currently takes an oral pill to manage the symptoms.
Needs a home without: