Sushi's story - I'm adopted!

If you’ve ever watched a Fancy Feast commercial and just wanted to stroke that luxurious white fur of their “spokescat”, then you must meet Sushi.  His coat is so perfectly white, if he were daintily traipsing through the snow you might only see his pink nose and big yellow eyes.  He’s had no problem at all settling in to the shelter environment and is gentle, very affectionate and people oriented.  He likes to be held and sit on laps, and may start to play once he gets his fill of affection.  He has lived with dogs and cats, but can get territorial around his feline companions.  Sushi is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
His adoption fee is $75.00.

*Sushi has FIV and FLUTD, but doesn’t let that slow him down. Please ask an Adoption Specialist for more information.

Outgoing, Affectionate & People Oriented
18 lbs
8 yrs