Sir's story

Sir is a cat with a dignified presence.  He has the calm yet demanding demeanor of royalty.  He was surrendered by his owner because he was bullying his cat and dog siblings, so he may need to be the king of his own roost.  He might even think he's a dog himself: Sir has his own harness and leash for taking walks.  He's accustomed to being an indoor/outdoor cat, so safe, supervised outdoor time would be ideal for him.  He's very people oriented, and loves rub sessions and cat nip.  He is known to be a scratcher, so some alternative scratching locations and around the house training may be necessary.  Sir is neutered, microchipped, and current on vaccinations. His adoption fee has been sponsored!  

People Oriented, Outgoing & Affectionate
17 lbs
9 yrs
Needs a home without: