Blackie's story

Personality: Sweet, Affectionate & Mellow
Blackie’s gorgeous coat is like velvet.  He came in severely matted, and was very grateful to be groomed and get his fur back to it’s shimmering glory.  His mighty lion’s mane vibrates visibly when he purrs, and the tufts of fur between his toes is simply irresistibly adorable.  He’s still settling in to the shelter environment, but lots of grooming and cheek rubs are helping him warm up quickly.  He likes to be held, and will sit calmly in your arms, observing his surroundings.  He’s still a little too distracted by all the activity here to engage with his toys, but there’s definitely the spark in his eye of the playful kitty that’s waiting to come out.  Blackie is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
His adoption fee has been sponsored! 

Sweet, Affectionate & Mellow
9.5 lbs
12 years